User Defined Communications
What is PhoneFusion One?

PhoneFusion One is a simple service that keeps you in control with just one phone number. You are given a permanent telephone number to give to your clients, colleagues, family or friends. Once this number is dialed, PhoneFusion One contacts you anywhere you choose to be contacted, whether you are in the car, leaving a client meeting, at the office or anywhere else in the world.

For a busy individual with multiple phone numbers, PhoneFusion One is the reliable way to manage your incoming calls, and integrates seamlessly with cell phones, land lines, VoIP lines and faxes.

PhoneFusion One also hosts VoIP (Internet) phone services and a Virtual Receptionist feature which is a PBX-type phone system for businesses with no equipment to buy. Our Virtual Receptionist service allows our customers to sound like a professional company with phones with all the same features as an expensive system for one low monthly payment.

PhoneFusion One offers the reliability and security of regular phone systems and with our simultaneous Find Me/Follow Me feature we guarantee your ability to receive calls no matter where you are - on any phone. There is no equipment needed to run our service. By visiting our website you have everything you need - an Internet connection.

With many more features standard, our price and quality of service is the best in the business!


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